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I have listed below some of the sites I've found that are related to the topics we cover in Forensic Psychology. I have given a short description of each site, so you know what it's about.  I will be adding to the list as we move through the various topics in forensic psychology, so keep checking back..


Link Topics

Introduction/General Interviews & Interrogation Profiling
Jury Psychology Assessment Psychopathy





Introduction and General

URL/Link Site Description/Topic
Forensic/Crime Timeline This is a very complete list of important events in the history of forensic science presented in an atractive graphic format.
"Murders in the Rue Morgue" This is a link to the full text of Edgar Allan Poe's famous crime story. It is the first printed appearance of forensic psychology anywhere. The protagonist, M. Dupin, presents his notion about the psychological nature of the killer. A worthy predecessor to Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.
APA Section 41 This is the home page of the Psychology-Law Society, Section 41 of the American Psychological Association. There's not a lot here, but there is a set of links for students, some of which may prove useful. They are still developing the site, so if you are interested in possibly going on in this area, you might want to drop back now and again to see what's new.
Careers in Forensic Psychology This is part of a site set up by Dr. Donald Franklin, a practicing psychologist in New Jersey who, in addition to a counselling and psychotherapy practice, does forensic work. This particular page contains a lot of links to areas related to forensic clinical psychology.
Masters in Psychology This page contains a good deal of information about careers in forensic psychology, though most of it is geared to U.S. students, and may not always apply here in Canada.
American Board of Forensic Psychology This organization, around since about 1950, awards an APA-recognized Diploma in Forensic Psychology. Just in case you're interested....
U.S. National Research Council Report on Forensic Sciences This is a link to the U.S. National Research Council's 2009 report on forensic sciences in the U.S. "Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States:A Path Forward". Links at the bottom of this page allow you to read the report in HTML format. It is a lengthy and detailed indictment of the state of forensic sciences (excluding psychology) in the U.S., and an important antidote to the so-called "CSI Effect", in which jurors expectations concerning the amount and reliability of forensic evidence is shaped by their exposure to misleading depictions of forensic analysis provided by television programming.
Trial by Fire (New Yorker) This links to a 2009 New Yorker magazine article on the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, convicted of the murder of his three children in a supposed arson fire in Texas. It deals with the faulty forensic evidence that led to Willingham's conviction and eventual execution in 2004.
"How CSI Went Awry and How To Fix It" This links to a video of a September 2009 talk by Dr. William Thompson, from the Department of Criminology, Law and Society at the University of California, Irvine. He discusses the National Research Council Report, "Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States:A Path Forward". Tis flasah vide runs about 1 hour and 12 minutes.






















Interview Procedures, Detecting Deception, Eyewitness Testimony
URL/Link Site Description/Topic
John E. Reid & Associates This is the home page of John E. Reid & Associates, the firm founded by John Reid to consult with and provide training to government agents and police forces. It nicely describes the Reid Model, and offers some rebuttals to the assertions of critics about the weaknesses of the Reid Model.
The Paul Ingram case This is the home page of the Paul Ingram site on It details the case, and also contains a link to Richard Ofshe's Report on the case, which I described in class. As I noted, Paul Ingram was released from prison in 2003, after having served 14 years of his 20-year sentence. The web site contains no updates after that date. The site also give more information than I was able to provide about the subsequent activities of Julie and Ericka, the two daughters Paul was convicted of abusing.
The Reid Technique and False Confessions This links to a New Yorker magazine story on the Reid Technique and its coercive nature, published in December of 2013. It also talks about the PEACE method of interviewing that we described in class.
Anti-Polygraph site This site was set up by a fellow who failed a lie detector test - to get into the FBI, if I remember correctly - and has been on an anti-polygraph crusade ever since. There is some quite good information and some useful links on the site.
Inattentional Blindness This is a link to the "Gorilla in Our Midst" video that was used in Daniel Simons' study on inattentional blindness. It is part of the web site of Dr. Simons' visual cognition lab at the University of Illinois.
Change Blindness This is a link to a page of videos demonstrating change blindness. Like the one above, this page is part of the web site of Dr. Simons' visual cognition lab at the University of Illinois.
EvoFit This is a link to the Lancaster U.K. constabulary page that shows several EvoFit composites. Clicking on each composite (an animated GIF) shows several EvoFit variations.












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Profiling in Criminal Psychology
URL/Link Site Description/Topic
Murders in the Rue Morgue The link at left is to's complete text presentation of Edgar Allan Poe's classic story. The main protagonist of the story, the Parisian detective M. Dupin, provides the first recorded description of offender profiling.
'Jack the Ripper' - the Whitechapel murders If you are at all interested in the irst case in which a criminal profile was generated, this site - - is one of the best, though a quick web search will reveal more than 2 milliion hits for the topic 'Jack the Ripper'.
Dr. James Brussel's profile of the New York bomber This link is to's information on Dr. James Brussel's psychoanalytic profile of the New York Bomber in the 1950s.
FBI: Behavioral Analysis Unit This link is to the 'home page' of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (still called the 'Behavioral Sciences Unit' on this page.)
National Centre for the analysis of Violent Crime (NCAVC) The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit is part of NCAVC, as is CASMIRC and VICAP. Information about all these units can be found on this page.
John E. Douglas - MindHunter This is the home page to John Douglas' website. Mr. Douglas is perhaps the most high-profile (pardon the pun!) of all the profilers, having spent many years with the FBI, and having written several best-selling books on his life and work. You'll find some interesting links here.
Forensic Solutions LLC This link is to the company founded by Brent Turvey, whose model of profiling we discussed. If you hunt around, there are some interesting links to be found.
Centre for Investigative Psychology This is the home page of the Centre for Investigative Psychology, a U.K. firm based in Liverpool to which Donald Canter - whose work on profiling we discussed - founded and heads.
Criminal Profiling - an APA Monitor story  















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Jury Psychology
URL/Link Site Description/Topic
The National Jury Project This is the firm founded by Jay Schulman (and others) to provide professional jury consulting.
DecisionQuest Another early jury consultant, Donald Vinson founded DecisionQuest, which provided information to the O.J. Simpson legal team. Vinson later sold the company..
F-Scale of authoritarianism This is an online version of the F-scale.






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URL/Link Site Description/Topic
Forensic This site is still under development by Dr. Stephen Hucker, who is a Consulting Forensic Psychiatrist associate with the Law and Mental Health Program art the University of Toronto. See in particular the links at the left of the home page on Risk Assessment and Risk Instruments. (the latter contributed by Dr. Christopher Webster, who has ties to Hamilton.)
Violence Risk This is a website developed by Dr. Christopher Webster, who was involved in the development of the HCR-20. Most (but not all) of the links on this page replicate information available at the Forensic site, but it's still very much worth a look.
Research Department, Mental Health Centre, Penetanguishene A number of interesting links here. These are the folks who developed the VRAG, and the SORAG.








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URL/Link Site Description/Topic
Psychopathy: The Quantum Future School To be honest, I'm not quite sure just what this site is about, but this is a very length page about psychopathy. The main interest here are the links at the left to PDF versions of Hervey Cleckley's book "The Mask of Sanity", and to the entire 'Stanley' chapter from which I occasionally read portions in class. I certainly recommend the book strongly. There are also a large number of other links to psychopathy resources, some of which are quite good. Explore and enjoy...
Robert Hare's website This is home page of Robert Hare's "Without Conscience" website devoted to psychopathy. The 'Links' pages are especially useful if you're looking for information on psychopathy.
PCL-R Tests This is a link to the Pearson Assessments website. Pearson sells the PCL-R (and Hare's other psychopathy tests), as well as a number of the other assessment instruments that we talked about this term. (Check under "Adult Personallity" for 'Forensics', and under "Child/Adolescent Personality and Behavior" for 'Juvenile Corrections'.)








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