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I will list below any sites I find that are related to the topics we cover in Positive Psychology. I will give a short description of each site, so you know what it's about.  I will be adding to the list as we move through the various topics in Positive Ppsychology, so keep checking back..


Link Topics




URL/Link Site Description/Topic
Positive Psychology Center This is the home page of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania. It was begun, and is still led, by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman, who is generally credited with being the driving force behind the resurrection of interest in positive psuychology, and who has made a number of significant contributions to the field.
Quality of Life Research Center This is the home page of the Quality of Life Research Center at the Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, a few miles east of Los Angles, CA. Mike Csikszentmihalyi, whose work on Flow we will talk about, is co-director.
International Positive Psychology Network There's not much on offer on this home page, but I have it here for completeness. ;-)
Cambridge University Well-Being Institute As with the IPPN above, there's not much for the casual browser on this page, but it's worth knowing the Institute exists.
Centre for Applied Positive Psychology Check out the home page of the U.K. non-profit organization that works to apply positive psychology..
Centre for Confidence and Well-Being This is the home page of Centre for Confidence and Well-Being in Glasgow, Scotland. Check out the "Flourishing" link for some relevant info.
European Network for Positive Psychology The home page of the European Network for Positive Psychology contains links (under "Resources") to books, journals, and other research reports relevant to positive psychology. The site is obviously a work in progress.








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Positive States or Mind or Being
URL/Link Site Description/Topic
Home page of The Shambhala Sun The Shambhala Sun is a magazine of, about, and for the Buddhist community. I include it here because it often has stories and links to information about meditation, and mindfulness in particular.
Home page of is a project of the Shamhala Sun Foundation, and is devoted to mindfulness. Its website is particularly rich in information relevant to positive psychology.
BuddhaDharma For completeness sake, I have included this link to BuddhaDharma, which is also a publication of the Shambhala Sun Foundation, but is specifically directed towards practitioners of Buddhism.