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Sept. 5, 2017              

Psychology 2AP3: Abnormal Psychology

This is the home page for Psychology 2AP3, Abnormal Psychology, September - December 2017.   In addition to basic information about course dates and assignments, these pages contain material from the lectures.  I hope that you'll find this information useful as you move through the course.

Page What's It About?

This links to the PDF version of the course outline for the 2017-18 Psych 2AP3, Term 1 class.

The Grades Lookup shows individual student results for the two in-class tests, and for the Final Exam and the final course grade. Be sure to choose the 'FALL' class for Term 1 information, and the 'WINTER' class for Term 2 information.

The sample quiz contains questions on the lecture sections and readings that will be covered on the upcoming test or exam. Be sure to read the suggestions on the Quiz Info page on how the quiz should be used: The quiz is designed to provide feedback about the effectiveness of your studying - not to be a study aid in and of itself. The quiz can also be accessed from the Avenue to Learn site for this course.

This page contains a number of links to other sites and web-based resources that are relevant to the material we discuss in this course.

This page lists my current office hours, and provides a link to my office web cam. My webcam is typically on only around the time of my office hours, though it may sometimes be on at other times.


Dick Day
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